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8xAB Switch
  • 8xAB Switch
  • 8xAB Switch
  • 8xAB Switch
  • 8xAB Switch
  • 8xAB Switch

8xAB Switch

Product Code: 724
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Due to the popularity of our A/B switches we decided to make a super-switch containing 8 A/B switches in a single box.

With two Antenna Genius Switches it can form high a isolation 8×4 antenna matrix for 8 antennas to 4 radios. Clean, flexible, easy to maintain.

Isolation on unused port at 30MHz: 56db to 70 dB (On/Off status)

Input Power: 3500W

Connectors: PL or N type

Power voltage: + 12V DC

Power consumption: 120mA

Power Indication: LED


The 8×4 Superswitch

The main motivation behind the 8xAB switch is integration of two Antenna Genius smart switches into an 8×4 Super Switch. See the diagram below.

Additional notes

  • The AG that’s connected to the OM module has the priority when selecting antennas.
  • All unselected antennas are routed to R3 and R4 automatically.
  • When R1 or R2 select a port, the output module will route the antenna trough the AB switch.
  • There is no special protection in place meaning R1 and R2 can select any antenna at any time.

4 Radio Superswitch

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