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Genius Family

The PowerGenius XL is a 100% ICAS duty cycle, legal limit (1500W ICAS) 1.8-54 MHz, the only fully SO2R capable RF amplifier.

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An advanced engineering approach to tuner development has resulted in truly highest quality hardware and software solutions.
Our software developers have extended the tuner with new functions, and completed integration with Antenna Genius, forming a single system. Very easy to use, uncompromisingly functional, the integration of TGXL into the Genius platform extends both functions as well as protection systems.

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Antenna Genius is a smart antenna switch that features 8 antennas to 2 radios. Perfect for SO2R and multi-op contesting or making the most of your dual RX transceiver.

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Antenna Genius is a smart antenna switch that features 8 antennas to 1 radio. Designed for less demanding applications.

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OM module features 16 dual output relays and can be used with either the Antenna Genius 8x2, 8x1 or the Station Genius controller.

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Rotator Genius is a smart rotator controller that uses a magnetic sensor for reading azimuth. It can be controlled by a Windows or Android app.

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An affordable solution for anyone who doesn’t need the entire Rotator Genius system and wants the azimuth readout only.

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USB to RS485 Converter. Supports Win, Linux, Mac OS, WinCE

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Station Genius is a powerful station controler for complex switching. It’s designed for ease of use, versatility and expandability.

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This interface will convert frequency data given from RS232 CAT or CI-V to BCD output. BCD output can be used to control Antenna Genius or any other BCD controlled device.

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Height: 4U, Width: 19"

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