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Triplexer Combiner HFC4500
  • Triplexer Combiner HFC4500
  • Triplexer Combiner HFC4500
  • Triplexer Combiner HFC4500
  • Triplexer Combiner HFC4500
  • Triplexer Combiner HFC4500

Triplexer Combiner HFC4500

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Brand: 4O3A Signature
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The 4O3A High Power HF Triplexer System Enables A Single Triband 20m/15m/10m Antenna (typically a Yagi) Fed With A Single Coaxial Feedline,To Be Used By Three Stations Running 4.5 kW simultaneously.

Game changer

Truly a “game changer” for SO2R and multi-operator contest stations, DXpeditions and Field Day groups. The 4O3A Signature Series Triplexer System eliminates the need for separate monoband Yagis on the 20m, 15m and 10m bands. Three operators, three stations and three amps but only one feedline and one antenna!

How to create triplexer system?

The 4O3A HF Triplexer Systems uses a high power Combiner HFC4500, which connects to a triband 20m/15m/10m antenna, such as the great new Force 12 XR3 Multi-Mono Yagi, and has ports for 20m, 15m and 10m. Each of these ports much be connected to a 4O3A Series S Bandpass Filter, the Combiner is not intended to be used by itself.


When analyzing a 4O3A Triplexer System investment bear in mind the savings in antennas, towers, feedlines and maintenance that will accrue. It’s worth noting that Mr. 4O3A himself, Ranko Boca, replaced many of the rotatable monoband Yagis at his famed mountaintop contest station with tribanders set in fixed directions feeding Triplexer Systems. When you make north of 50,000 contest QSOs a year you learn what works (and what doesn’t)

Once you have combiner, system is flexible, as you can create triplexer, diplexer, or use filters separately if you have monoband antennas.

How to make triplexer


HFC4500 without filters connected
Input ports: 20M, 15M and10M
Input power per port: 4500 W
Insertion loss: 0.10 dB on 20M
0.10 db on 15M
0.15 dB on 10M
Connectors: SO-239 or N
Dimensions: 55cm (W) x 12 cm (D) x 12 cm (H)
Weight: 2.8 kg
Cooling: Optional
Attenuation in between ports with filters connected
Input 20M: 15M - min 87dB
10M - 120 dB
20M - 104 dB
Input 15M: 20M - 104 dB
10M - min 72 dB
Input 10M: 20M > 120 dB
15M - min 72 dB
RX IMD level in worse case (for 1600W per port): -10 dBm
RX IMD level in worse case (for 3200W per port): -7 dBM


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