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High Power Filters

These high-power (4,500 W ICAS) Band Pass Filters are to be fitted on the output side of your linear amplifier, filtering out not only harmonics but also broadband noise from the PA.

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The 4O3A High Power HF Triplexer System Enables A Single Triband 20m/15m/10m Antenna (typically a Yagi) Fed With A Single Coaxial Feedline,To Be Used By Three Stations Running 4.5 kW simultaneously.

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In order to meet the different needs and various setups of big stations we decided to put flexibility in to the foreground of our design. Instead of designing a simple Quadriplexer with four fixed band outputs we designed our Combiner QPXC-8, as an addition to the existing Triplexer System.

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