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2024 product line

2024 Product Line

4O3A, as a leader in innovation, proudly continues its unwavering commitment to innovation and quality with the launch of our exciting 2024 product lineup. This year's collection showcases our dedication to pushing boundaries, incorporating cutting-edge technology, and delivering exceptional experiences to our valued customers. From the new outdoor line of tuner, switches, and different impedance transformers, to new amplifier models, our 2024 products are designed to elevate your station’s power. Explore our latest offerings and discover how 4O3A can enhance your world.

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We are celebrating!

Five years ago the Alpha testing stage was concluded and PGXL officially entered the market. Since then we have produced a huge number of amplifiers and they found their home in every corner of the planet.

To celebrate this we offer a very special "factory rebate to our customers" for a limited time - until a certain quantity gets sold out. As  expected the interest is huge so hurry up and get your PGXL by this special, once a lifetime price.

Buy it for this special promotional special price at our main dealers:
Flex radio-USA,
WiMo for EU,
DXing for VK/ZL.

Power Genius Linear Amplifier PGXL
nc-1 headset

Designed for contesting

4O3A NC-1 is a top of the line headset designed primarily for contesting but also a premium headset for listening music on the HiFi audiophile standards, gaming, doing conference calls, traveling and anything else.

We were never able to find the perfect headset for our 4O3A station so we designed our own.

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4O3A designs and manufactures high-quality accessories and TCP/IP controlled solutions for your shack. Our flagship Genius line of products are designed specifically to eliminate station complexity, reduces cost and improve operator efficiency. Created by world-class contesters and engineered for reliability, they can push your contest scores higher.

Our new PowerGenius XL RF linear amplifier is exceptionally clean, quiet and delivers full legal-limit power at 100% duty cycles. The only fully SO2R-capable amplifier it has 70dB nominal isolation between exciter inputs. Like our entire Genius product lineup, it is monitored and automated through an integral Ethernet connection.

power genius xl linear amplifier

Linear Amplifier Power Genius XL

The PowerGenius XL is a 100% ICAS duty cycle, legal limit (1500W ICAS) 1.8-54 MHz RF amplifier. Designed with a pair of the latest NXP MRF1K50H LDMOS transistors that are each capable of 1.5 kW and run up to 2000W easily, providing plenty of headroom for lowest IMD and spurious output. 

Factory price: CALL US!

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Tuner Genius

Tuner Genius

  • Integrates with any transceiver
  • Designed to complement FLEX-6000 series transceivers and the Power Genius XL™ amplifier
  • Samless SmartSDR™ software integration
  • Complete control and monitoring (over LAN) from an intuitive Windows™ application
  • Contest ready - the ONLY single-radio SO2R solution in amateur radio
  • High accuracy SWR and power meter measures in bypass mode.... and much more.

Factory price: CALL US!

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Antenna Genius antenna switch

Antenna Genius 8x2+ V2

Antenna Genius is a smart antenna switch that features 8 antennas to 2 radios. Perfect for SO2R and multi-op contesting or making the most of your dual RX transceiver.

LAN/WAN capability was a core design capability from day one and not an afterthought. The entire Genius product line: Interface Genius, Antenna Genius, Rotator Genius and Station Genius all work together seamlessly both locally and remotely.

Factory price: 899 EUR

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