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8x2 antenna switch
  • 8x2 Antenna Switch
  • 8x2 Antenna Switch
  • 8x2 Antenna Switch
  • 8x2 antenna switch

8x2 Antenna Switch

Product Code: 228
Brand: 4O3A Signature
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Eight antennas to two radios high isolation antenna switch.


  • Built in hardware interlock system. Same antenna can not be used on both radios at the same time.
  • 4kW power rated.
  • Wire controlled by a mechanical switch or Station Genius, SAC X or any other band decoder.
  • Mechanical antenna switch, Station Genius and SAC X are not included but can be purchased separately.
  • Control connectors on bottom of the case makes installing, replacing and repairing fast and easy.
  • LED control diodes for visual monitoring of device.
  • 4O3A style high isolation.
  • Easy to install anywhere in the shack.
  • Input conectors are SO 239 or N type conectors.
  • Compatible with all +12V source driver band decoders.
  • Factory preset on +12V signals.
  • Unselected antenna ports are grounded.
  • Without power all antenna ports are grounded.
  • Each device is individualy trimed and tuned for best performance.
Connectors: N or SO-239 (PL, UHF)
Power Handling: 4000 W
Isolation between ports: 70 dB nominal
Unused ports: Grounded
Dimenzions: 30H x 17.5W x 7D (cm)
Weight: 1.5 kg
Control signal: +12 V
Control connectors: DB9 with LED indication
Interlock: Built in with relay system which prevents connection of antennas to more than one output

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