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Headset NC-1 and accessories

Male 3.5mm TRRS (M) to 3.5mm TRS (F) and 3.5mm (TS) adapter

Male 3.5mm TRRS (M) to 3.5mm TRS (F) and 3.5mm (TS) adapter


Most modern devices today feature a 4 pin TRRS (Tip Ring Ring Sleave) connector that hosts the two stereo headphone connections, a microphone connection and the ground.

In case you need to connect your headset to a device that has the headphone and the microphone connectors separated you will need this adapter.

This adapter is a 3.5mm TRRS male to 3.5mm stereo and 3.5mm mono female connectors so it can be used on the headphone output directly.

The adapter does not come as a part of the NC-1 headset and is sold separately.


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