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Power Splitter PS3000
  • Power Splitter PS3000
  • Power Splitter PS3000
  • Power Splitter PS3000
  • Power Splitter PS3000

Power Splitter PS3000RX

Product Code: PS3000
Brand: 4O3A Signature
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Power splitter can be used for splitting power between one, two or three antennas/directions, or for combining two or three antennas.

It is broadband, from 2-30MHz, with excellent matching and well-designed PCB/circuits.

It can be controlled with Station Genius, any manual switch controller, which provide +12V DC for antenna selections and SPLIT relay, which inserts 50 to 22 Ohm transformer for matching two or three antennas.

Added to the splitter is offers unique options – “RX AUX” auxiliary output. It is an output where all unused antennas will be routed. It is very useful when two operators are listening pile up frequency, with different antennas from different directions. In case of a radio with two receivers built in, the second receiver should be just connected to RX AUX output. Second receiver will have all antennas which are not selected by the main operator.

In case of two radios listening to run frequency, both radios MUST block RX AUX output on Power Splitter with a PTT signal (GND). Just connect PTT IN RCA connector on Power Splitter with some PTT output from your setup, such asAPM, USB keyer or Station Genius. With PTT signal RX AUX output will be connected to ground, protecting the second receiver.

Power splitter is broadband – it does not rely on 1/4 wave phasing lines to accomplish the match to the antennas. The antennas can be mono-band Yagis, tri-band Yagis, single or tri-band quads, or vertical arrays. For diverse transmissions and reception, a combination of antennas can be accomplished, such as a Yagi and a vertical.

The Power Splitter RS3000RX operates from 1.8 through 30Mhz and is rated at 3 kW CW.

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