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Antenna Genius Possible Failure on Some Ports - Thoughts?

11 months 4 weeks ago #69 by W6DR
I have an Indoor 2 x 8 Antenna Genius. It has worked just fine for a long time. Recently in the VHF contest I experienced a high SWR event that at first I thought was the SWR meter failing (it didn't); then I thought the AMP had fried itself (it didn't). As I test the radio barefoot with new coax into the AG I note that ports 1 and 2 show high SWR (DB36 and KT34XA) and port 8 (Dummy Load) shows perfect SWR. Does it make sense that I could take out a port I was using and the one adjacent to it with 1000W of FT8 on 50MHz? And if so, how does one go about verifying and fixing it?

Thanks in advance!
David W6DR

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11 months 3 weeks ago #77 by 4o3a
It is possibly burned for some reason. If you can open it and check RF board where relays and RF connectors are? You can send photo on


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