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Connecting 2x A/B Switch to 2 AG's and 1 SSC OM Module (16 antennas to 2 radios) 3 months 5 days ago #585

Hi all,

I have 2 AG's and want to connect them to my Flex-6600 for being able to use up to 16 antennas.
I also have 2 A/B switches and 1 SSC OM Module (connected to the Master AG ).
I have configured both the AG's as mentioned in the manual (see attached screenshot too).

Question is though, how to connect both of the A/B switches in order to use the 16 antenna ports by the 2 radio ports.
- do I need to select '2xAG with OM control' in the AG configuration?
If I do select this in the configuration and then select any of the Antenna ports (1-16), than the matching port number output on the SSC OM Module will also be selected. So if Radio 1 port uses AG port 1 and Radio 2 port uses AG port 10, then the SSC Output 1 and Output 10 LED (actually it's port 2 output 2 LED) on the SSC OM Module will be on.

Does this mean that I connect each of the 6 outputs of Port 2A to one of the A/B switch and each of the 6 Port 2B outputs to the other A/B switch (so run 6 wires in parallel to each of the A/B switches)?
Obviously I don't need to connect Port 1A and Port 1B to any of the A/B swithes since the A/B switch is N/C to Out A, so I only need to tell the A/B switches if they need to route the RF signal to the second AG.

I can see the logic here, but just want to check if I'm not shorting anything and damaging the SSC OM.

Any tips / confirmation?
Thanks in advance!

73 Frank ON9CC

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Connecting 2x A/B Switch to 2 AG's and 1 SSC OM Module (16 antennas to 2 radios) 3 months 9 hours ago #586

Dear ON9CC,

The software portion of the setup can be found in the chapter 11.5. Stacking multiple AGs into a superswitch by AB switches:

You will find the diagram of how to connect the RF cables to the A/B switches in there too.

Do not check 2xAG with OM control, that's for using 4 radios and I see it's checked in the 11.5 chapter and that's definitely a mistake, leave the checkbox unchecked!

In the chapter 8.3. Top panel you can see the + and GND pins.
You can see the A/B + and GND on the sticker: 4o3a.com/ab-switch

So, the top AG is the mater.
The bottom AG is the slave.

A/B switches power and control signal is connected to the top green terminal pin of the bottom, slave AG.

Once you connect and configure it all you will be connecting to the master AG and it will show 16 antennas and you will use it as if it was a 16x2 AG switch.

Good luck!
Dragisa 4O9ITT
4O3A Signature Team

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