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AG API 1 year 2 months ago #314

Hello, I just received an AG 8x2, and for my specific needs I am interested in obtaining the network API for the device. How can I get the API? The manual mentions it is available.


I have a Flex6600 which integrates seamlessly as radio A. I would like to use my Icom 7610 as radio B but I really don't want to run another cable from the 7610 to the AG for band info.

So I would like first to simply write an app that would allow me to manually select an antenna for radio B. I hope the API supports this. I believe it is possible because I can click on the antennas in the provided AG app and it will select them.

In the near future I plan on writing a small app that will query my 7610 via CI-V and in effect make it look like a FlexRadio. That way I can select it in the configuration of AG and have it use the LAN, like a FlexRadio for band following.

Anyway, access to the API would be much appreciated.

Mark WS7M

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AG API 1 year 2 months ago #315

Hello WS7M!

The API for AG can be found here: gscp.arula.rs/

But I got some great news too. The functionality you're looking for is already implemented into the device.
What you need to do:

1) When configuring your antennas, select the band the antenna is used for but also assign the "none" value to it.
This allows the antenna to be manually selected when no band data is available
2) Assign your FlexRadio band data to one radio port (A for example) and leave the other port without band data.

This way when your going trough bands A side will automatically select the proper antenna for the band while you'll be able to select any "none band" antenna on the B side with your mouse.

Is this what you were looking for? :)
4O3A Signature Team

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AG API 1 year 2 months ago #316

Also I want to point out that we have a CI-V to BCD converter available: since recently

It is an extra cable and maybe not what you're looking for but it's worth considering.
4O3A Signature Team

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