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Antenna Genius 8x1
  • Antenna Genius 8x1
  • Antenna Genius 8x1
  • Antenna Genius 8x1

Antenna Genius 8x1

Product Code: AG8x1
Brand: 4O3A Signature
* Connector Type:

Antenna Genius is a smart antenna switch that features 8 antennas to 1 radio. Designed for less demanding applications.

LAN/WAN capability was a core design capability from day one and not an afterthought. The entire Genius product line: Interface Genius, Antenna Genius, Rotator Genius and Station Genius all work together seamlessly both locally and remotely.

Regular firmware updates will continue add features to all 4O3A Genius devices free of charge for life.

Each 4O3A Genius device has a comprehensive API to allow deep integration with other ham gear and software for logging, contesting, digital modes, etc.

Third Party Software Support

Antenna Genius control is officially supported and by N4PY software. Communcation is performed using a TCP/IP connection insuring maximum stabillity and reliability. For more information consult the N4PY help files.

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