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OM Module
  • OM Module
  • OM Module
  • OM Module

OM Module

Product Code: 246
Brand: 4O3A Signature

OM module features 16 dual output relays and can be used with either the Antenna Genius 8x2, 8x1 or the Station Genius controller.

Outputs are programmed via Windows applications for the aforementioned devices. Each output has a dedicated relay with a dual contact . These outputs are connected to dedicated terminal connectors. The terminal connectors are marked as A and B. One relay contact goes to terminal connectors A and the other to B.

Terminal connectors can be configured with jumpers as positive voltage or ground. This enables flexibility in controlling the peripherals – one output can be set as either 2 x positive, 2 x ground or a combination of 1 x positive and 1 x ground.

OM module case is made from stainless steel with the outputs are always visible.
Each output has a control LED so you can know if it’s engaged.

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